ART LIGHTS | Equipment
Seit 1979 Ihr Ansprechpartner für komplexe Veranstaltungsplanung, Realisierung und Betreuung für u.a. Landesvertretungen, Botschaften, Banken, Museen und Theater. Wir beraten und betreuen Agenturen, Kunden aus Politik, Wirtschaft und der Medienlandschaft.
Veranstaltungen, Events, Veranstaltungsrealisierung, Beratung, Organisation, Konzeption, Produktionsleitung, Budgeteinhaltung, Machbarkeitsanalyse, Technikverleih, Licht, Ton, Video, Präsentationstechnik, Kommunikationstechnik, Simultan- und Konferenztechnik, Dolmetscherkabinen, Diskussionsanlagen, Bühnenbau, Ausstellungsbau, Bühnen, Tribünen, Traversen, Podien, Rückwände, Wand- und Bodenverkleidungen, Zargenbau, Dekorationsbau, Dienstleistungen, Installation, Langzeit Mietservice, Fahrdienste, Security, Behördengenehmigungen, Specials, Pyrotechnik, Lasertechnik, Nebel- und Windmaschinen
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  • Moving Lights (Robe, Martin, JB- Lighting)
  • Stepped lens headlights, profile headlights, PAR headlights, floodlights, blinds (ETC, Arri, Desisti…)
  • Architectural spotlights (Griven, DTS)
  • LED- spotlights and bars (Litecraft, Elation…)
  • Effect spotlights: stroboscopes, UV lamps, party effects
  • Lighting consoles and controllers (ETC, MA)
  • Dimmer (ETC, MA, Controlite)
  • DMX Splitter/Booster, Wireless DMX, tripods and other lighting peripherals (Swisson, Controlite…)
Sound technology
  • Compact speakers, full-range speakers, line array speaker systems, monitor speakers (d&b audio technology)
  • Active and passive PA party systems (HK-Audio)
  • Professional transmission technology / wireless microphones (Sennheiser, Shure)
  • Digital and analogue sound mixers (Midas, Yamaha, Allen & Heath and others)
  • Condenser and dynamic microphones (Sennheiser, Shure, Schoeps, AKG… )
  • Press distribution list / Audio splits (Palmer, Kramer)
  • Audiorecorder (Denon, img)
  • DJ- sets, mixer, player (Pioneer, Technics…)
  • DI- boxes, equalizers, feeders, tripods and other PA peripherals (BSS, Palmer, dbx…)
Conferencing technology
  • Simultaneous equipment, interpreting technology (Brähler)
  • Whispering systems / personnel guidance systems
  • Conference discussion system
Video technology
  • Projectors: conference projectors, high performance projectors (Panasonic, Eiki, NEC…)
  • Full-HD Displays/Video Monitors various formats
  • Director: Seamless Switcher, Video Mixer, Scaler… (Barco, Analog Way)
  • Image walls: various image formats 4:3, 16:9 and canvas sizes, front and back projection, special sizes and formats
  • Camera Equipment: Full- HD Camcorder, Camera Trains (Canon, Sony…)
  • LED walls
  • Signal distributors, converters, displays, computers and other AV peripherals (Blackmagic, Extron, Kramer…)
Stage engineering
  • Professional platform system: platforms, fall protection, DIN railings… (Profistage)
  • Special stage constructions (round and oval stages, revolving stages, grandstands…)
  • Stage backgrounds/backdrops, scenery construction
  • Large prints, banners, megaposters
  • Stage roofs
  • Festival tents, pagodas, director’s tents
Rear wall systems
  •  Flexible, stable and sustainable back wall system

  • Rear wall frame made of a torsion-resistant aluminium frame system

  • flexible dimensioning of the stage backgrounds / backdrops

  • Assembly of the frames on site (no windy wooden frames which are difficult to transport and rarely screwed together without visible transitions)

  • Covering of the frame with fabrics according to customer requirements, projection foils or prints

  • No waste except for clamping material, as frames are reused

  • Crossheads: 2-, 3- and 4-point crosshead (Müller-Truss, Eurotruss)
  • Motor hoists and controls (Chainmaster)
  • Attachment material, hoists and other rigging peripherals
Communications technology
  • Walkie-talkies & accessories (Motorola)
  • Intercom systems (Clear-Com)
Event furniture
  • Lecterns
  • Talc counter
  • Conference furniture
  • Lounge furniture
  • Beer tent sets
  • Barrier column
  • Refrigerators, counters, counters etc.
Cables and sub-distributions
  • shockproof cables, CEE cables, signal cables, Lastcore…
  • Subdistributions for the corresponding cables
  • Cable bridges / drive-over ramps for indoor and outdoor (Adam Hall, Indu- Electro…)
Other on request
  • Power Generators / Generators
  • Barriers, fences
  • Working platforms, lifts
  • Backline